The solid technological formation and his important implications in the source of the research and development in all the working places that he has recovered along all his professional career, has taken to him his current stage of founder and president of the Group Matarromera to fomenting of extraordinary form this activity, in all the group companies and in all the areas of activity.

In Matarromera he initiates his activity with the participation and leadership in the European project on the Wine Panel Taste; that gave place to the mention to level of prototype of an electronic efficient and functional taster.

From 2002, he creates the department of Research and Development, in the company and is developing multiple projects, up to coming to 32 assets, in the current moment, which joins more diverse fields of the managerial studding that directs.

To stand out as creations of research:

  • Polyphenols extraction
  • Molecular deconstruction
  • Systems of computer science and automation
  • Adjustment of the culture of the olive tree in Castilla and León
  • Development of functional products

Why a cosmetics company?

Esdor comes from the deep conviction that Carlos Moro has from the grape and wine components, and a study about the benefits of that components for the human health.

After rigorous studies and researches we get the Eminol®, which is a polyphenols assembly which own characteristics gives it a very high value for its intake or use.

In the field of cosmetic use, Carlos Moro decided to create a high-end cosmetic line called Esdor which is marketed today in the pharmacy channel and is present in spas or health resorts.